The Dynamite Shop

what's the dynamite shop?


We’re a culinary social club for teens and ‘tweens (and their families) in a Park Slope, Brooklyn storefront with a teaching kitchen, cook's library, photo and video studio, backyard garden and cafe up front.

Our goal is to help the rising generation of cooks find their niche in food, to celebrate the diversity of our communities and the wider world, and to develop positive relationships around food. Consider us Home Ec 2.0: we champion an old fashioned reverence of the table and offer a cool, supportive place to unplug, but we also embrace technology in the ways it can foster creativity and connection. The Dynamite Shop empowers kids to express themselves through the lens of food, so we’re not just cooking lasagna and bibimbap to bring home for dinner--we’re learning about regional variations, Skyping with chefs, watching and creating videos, and exploring how food intersects with culture and community.

Our core curricula is the MAKE & TAKE afterschool program where kids cook dinner to bring home to their families and learn real life cooking skills in the process. But outside of that class, we're a community that revolves around food: We offer cooking classes for the whole family, food service projects, readings, events, and more.