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Teen Classes

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Introducing our new program for teens… The Dynamite Shop Supper Club!

Finally, a class for older kids who want to do some advanced kitchen work and then sit down to a grown-up meal and download from the week. These one-off lessons will happen every few weeks on Fridays, offering a deep dive into a single topic, from layer cakes to international cuisines.

Ages 11 and up. Classes meet from 4:30pm - 7:00pm and include dinner.

Friday, January 25: Fresh Pasta and Iconic Sauces

For our first meeting of the Friday night Dynamite Supper Club, we’ll be talking all things pasta — how to make it, shape it, tint it (yep, rainbow pasta: it's a thing!), cook it, sauce it and eat it! Students will learn to make fresh pasta dough from scratch, experiment with rolling out different shapes and styles, learn about different Italian regional variations and how make iconic sauces, like marinara and carbonara. Then they'll sit down together and mangiare!

Sign up for the Pasta class here!

Friday February 8: Galettes with Customizable Fillings

In this class sweet and savory class, students will unlock the secrets to a perfect, flaky all-butter pastry crust as they learn to make a classic dough that can be used for everything from pies, tarts and galettes to homemade crackers, pot pies and quiches. Students will customize sweet fruit and savory vegetable fillings, discussing spices, herbs, seasoning, and flavor combinations before baking their unique creations to share with the whole club.

Sign up for the Galettes class here!

In order for these special classes to happen, we require at least 8 students to sign up. In the case that we have to cancel and reschedule the class, we will email registrants and process an automatic refund.