The Dynamite Shop

Code of Conduct

 The Dynamite Shop’s Code of Conduct

Follow the rules of a professional kitchen!

  • Wash your hands often using the bathroom sink -- upon arrival, after using the restroom, if you touch your face or hair, and frequently between tasks. Use warm water with soap, really get the suds going for a good 10/15 seconds. Back and front of hands, between fingers. Use a paper towel to dry and turn off water faucet.  

  • Do not taste anything with your fingers. We will provide spoons for tasting.

  • Ingredients are for cooking, not snacking.

  • Cover your face with the inside of your elbow when you sneeze or cough, then wash your hands.

  • Do not touch tools and equipment unless until you have received instructions from an instructor.

  • Respect your neighbor’s cooking space. Do not grab tools and equipment from others.

  • Announce when you are walking near someone, especially if you’re holding something sharp or hot!

  • Keep a clean workspace.

Rules for using our space!

  • Do not sit on the work tables or lean against the teaching counter.

  • Do not tip back in the chairs.

  • Do not run or roughhouse in any way in the building.

  • Do not step into the teaching kitchen (black tile floor area) or behind the coffee bar.

  • Do not go into the front cafe space once class starts unless the teacher brings you there for an activity.

  • Only one person in the bathroom at once.

Dress for success!

  • No open-toed shoes, crop-tops, or baggy sleeves.

  • No bracelets, necklaces, rings or earrings with beads, feathers or anything else that could fall in food.

  • Long hair should be tied back or up in a hat. We have Dynamite Hats for sale if you need one.

  • Bonus points for food-themed clothes!

Finally, the basic stuff!

  • Be respectful of your fellow students. We have a zero-tolerance policy on disrespect of any kind.

  • Listen to your leaders. When our hand goes up it, yours does too, and we all stop talking.

  • No cell phones at any time. Upon arrival you will check in your cell-phone. If you have an emergency and need to reach your parents, we will help you by calling on our landline.

  • When you need to use the bathroom, be respectful of instructors who are speaking. (Only one person at a time!)

  • Be open-minded; you’re here to learn and taste new things.   

  • Ask questions and have fun!

We expect top-notch behavior. Students who are unable to follow the rules will be sent home.